Programming of Generative Design

lecturers: Mgr. art. Helena Lukášová, PhD., doc. RNDr. Bára Kozlíková, PhD.,
Mgr. Kristína Zakopčanová

This course focuses on the creative potential of programming. The objective is to introduce generative process as a creative tool for visual outcomes, so students will adopt them in their future projects.

In the beginning of the course the generative principles in creating is explained in broader context of ruled-based art which was established in the era of conceptual art in sixties and seventies. At that time also first experiments with computer, video and image transition happened. Most of the semester students work on their projects individually or in teams. The assignments are very creative, students react on various subjects, they visualize their present mood for example. Students present their works and consult in groups and teachers.  During the semester the Programming language Processing is explained.

The final project is the most complex, can be interactive or visualization of some data set, music, generation of some structures etc. Final projects are presented at the exhibition situated at the foyer of the FI MU building. During the opening anybody can try the authorial applications. 

Zadání projektu pro studenty

Hau Duong Tran: Spider Web, 2017

Jan Poák: Para_Growth, 2018

Dušan Baran: Pokažený kaleidoskop_Broken Kaleidoscope, 2017

Petr Žemla: Zrcad_Low, 2018

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